Soups and starters

Red Curry Soup
with croûtons

6,90 Euro


Cold Tomato Melon Soup Soup
with basil

6,90 Euro


Spanish Olive Platter
green and black olives, olive tapenade
and homemade bread

6,50 Euro


Appetiser Platter
   Spanish olives, tomatoes feta cheese, salami,
pepper caper salad, apple fennel salad and homemade bread

12,00 Euro


Gratinated Goat Cheese
with strawberry-onion-rosemary-chutney

8,90 Euro


Beef Carpaccio
on a fig-mustard sauce with tomatoes,
rocket salad and parmesan cheese

10,90 Euro




Small Green Salad

5,50 Euro


Caesar Salad with Roasted Corn-Fed Chicken Breast,
tomatoes, croûtons and parmesan cheese,
seasoned with our original Caesar Dressing

15,80 Euro



Mixed Green Salad with Apple, Fennel,
 cucumber and tomatoes
 finished with raspberry vinaigrette

8,90 Euro



                   with goat cheese or fish or chicken               15,80 Euro

Shrimps                                                      16,50 Euro
Steak Strips                                                18,50 Euro



Stove cakes


with onions and bacon,
finished with fresh herbs

10,50 Euro


Blue Cheese on Slices of Pear
honey, rosemary and walnuts

15,50 Euro


with avocado, tomatoes, red onions and rocket salad

15,50 Euro




with tomatoes feta cheese, olives, red onions
and rocket salad

16,50 Euro


baked with tomato-pesto-sour-cream,
finished with beef-carpaccio,
parmesan cheese and rocket salad

17,90 Euro


Pasta and Risotti

Tagliarini with Shrimps,,
broccoli, spring onions, cashews
and safransauce

16,90 Euro


Tagliarini with Beef Stripes,
pak choi, peach and
sesame soja ginger sauce

16,90 Euro


Carrot-Ginger Risotto with Pike Perch Fillet or Shrimps
  and lemon sauce

16,90 Euro


Risotto with Beef Stripes,
sun-dried tomatoes and
truffle honey sauce

16,90 Euro




Main courses


Fried Pike Perch Fillet with a apricot chili crust,
cabbage pak choy, beetroot-bulgur
  and orange sauce

22,50 Euro


Fried Hake Fillet
with summer vegetables,
basmati rice and vanilla mustard sauce

20,50 Euro


Angus Beef Entrecôte,
with champions and onions
roast potatoes and truffle honey sauce

25,90 Euro


Corn-fed Chicken
with spicy melon mango medley,
coconutpotatoes mash and basil sauce

21,50 Euro



Sweet little things


Variation of Strawberry

7,20 Euro


Harmony of Chocolate and Raspberry

8,50 Euro


vanilla ice cream, frangelico (hazelnut liqueur) and an espresso

5,50 Euro

Dessert wine      5cl    

  4,50 Euro


Crème Brûlée

5,50 Euro


Italian cheese with caramelized walnuts and pear chutney

6,00 Euro


Our little-guest-menue

with tomato-sauce and parmesan

5,50 Euro

Pasta with Chiccen and Parmesan Cheese

9,50 Euro

Potatoe-fritters with Stewed Apples

6,50 Euro